Laboratorio de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Combustión

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The Laboratory for Research in Combustion Technology (LITEC) is a joint center participated by the Spanish Council for Scientific Research, the Regional Government of Aragón and the University of Zaragoza. It is located in Zaragoza.

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LITEC was created according to an agreement signed on May 20th 1991 as a center participated only by CSIC and the Regional Government of Aragón. In August 1999 the agreement was modified to include also the University of Zaragoza as a partner.


As can be deduced from its name, since its creation, LITEC has been preferentially devoted to combustion research, from its most basic aspects to technological applications. However, with the years, LITEC research subjects have broadened and now cover the whole Fluid Mechanics area, including experimental, computational and analytical techniques. The main research topics are basic and applied combustion, industrial aerodynamics and hydrodynamics and pollution control.


LITEC activities are developed in the facilities located in María de Luna, 10, 50018-Zaragoza inside the Ebro River Campus, in an area known as Actur zone. Additionally, part of the research is also developed in the Fluid Mechanics laboratories in the School of Engineering of the University of Zaragoza.


Along the last fourteen years, LITEC has consolidated as a national and international reference center in combustion and fluid dynamics research. There are some facilities and pilot plants that can be considered as "singular", and are unique in the Spanish context.


Sede: C/ María de Luna, 10. Zaragoza. E-50018 (ESPAÑA). TEL:(+34) 976 506 520 . FAX:(+34) 976 506 644
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